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GOD’S WORD clearly states that He will bless those who bless Him and that the nation that honors Him will be honored among the nations. Charles Finney reiterated that Word when he said, "The Church must take right ground in regards to politics . . . God will bless or curse the nation according to the [political] course Christians take." So why, in America today, do we see the social fabric of society being torn away at the seams? The answer is simple: We have neglected the Biblical principles of sound government that God ordained for America. Can we expect God’s blessing if we neglect His principles and abandon our stewardship responsibilities? Of course not. God, therefore, expects us to take part in the political process so that righteous men are placed in positions of authority. Americans must remember the words of John Quincy Adams, who said, "The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."

So then, how can you, as a responsible, knowledgeable Christian, get involved in the political process and encourage your church to do so as well? You can become a Church Liaison. Without Church Liaisons to register voters and to help distribute voter guides, many issues important to people of faith would fail.

Studies indicate that as many as three-quarters of church attend­ing, self-identified Christians do not vote regularly. And, only half of those eligible to vote are registered. Moreover, many Christians go to the polls either uninformed or misinformed. Therefore, the role of a Church Liaison, although not difficult, is one of the most important positions in the organization and one that can have the greatest impact upon the community.

Getting Started

Christian Coalition of Georgia has several local chapters across the State with volunteers involved in the public policy process. Their goal is to help restore hope and order to their communities, their state and ultimately the nation by getting involved in the political process.

One of the most important persons involved in the restoration process is the Church Liaison. Church Liaisons represent their respective churches in the local Christian Coalition chapter, and their responsibilities include helping the pastor initiate and facilitate civic involvement among the church congregation.

The liaison can, with the approval of their pastor and the assistance of Christian Coalition of Georgia, initiate the following activities:

As Christians, we must not forget that we have God-given stewardship duties that encompass the political process. God ordained government; He therefore ordained our involvement in the governing process. Answer God’s call to your church.>Register to become a Church Liaison.

Call To Churches

A story is told about when our young nation was emerging victorious from the American Revolution that a most favorite historian didn't assign credit to those to whom one would normally think credit might be given for such an accomplishment. It wasn't to the generals or to the strategic know-how of brilliant thinking men who intricately orchestrated the attacks to which they gave accolades.

Rather, these historians credited those who seemed the most unlikely to receive such honor. According to them, it was the preachers in black robes who stood behind the pulpits of America to speak out against the crown and against religious intolerance that inspired the potato farmers to lay aside their plows and to follow General George Washington into battle and drive the British from their salient in New Jersey. The Continental Army thus won it's first victory in long months of painful striving, saving the flagging American cause and putting new heart into Washington's men.

Those black-robed preachers who staunchly stood and boldly spoke out against that which was wrong and for that which was right became known as the "Black Regiment of the Continental Army" and were largely credited with turning the tide of the American Revolution. Today, America stands against a myriad of foes both on a cultural and ideological battlefront which are insidiously and incrementally eroding away the heart of the beliefs that brought America to her zenith of greatness.

There remains two final bastions of defense, the home and the church which these forces seem intent on destroying. This battle, which even now rages, isn't one that can be fought with sword and spear but must be addressed in the throne room of the Most High and in the cities, hamlets and townships all across this nation.

At the forefront of this battle has arisen yet another regiment--a regiment of modern-day patriots known as The Christian Coalition of Georgia who have come together for the purpose of giving a voice back to the people of faith in the democratic process. The impact of The Christian Coalition can easily be traced one election at a time as millions of distributed non-partisan voter guides give to the electorate an impartial and accurate record of where potential elected officials stand on issues of importance to pro-family voters. With the approval of the pastor of their local church, anyone can become a participant in helping change their country by becoming a church liaison.
As a liaison one may:
1) Conduct voter registration drives in the church;
2) Distribute non-partisan voter guides and legislative scorecards;
3) Form and oversee a Citizenship Ministry in order to help involve fellow church members in Christian citizenship.

It's in the spirit of those early potato farmers that people of varied ethnic, racial and denominational backgrounds have come together to form a coalition committed to upholding the spiritual intent of the founding Father's idea of a nation under God.

America needs today those behind the pulpits who, like The Black Regiment of the Continental Army, will stand up and speak out for right and against wrong, who will inspire the potato farmers to action…undaunted by what they may lose personally, but steeped in the conviction that the alabaster ointment of a nation free under God is a treasure whose worth is too costly to relinquish.

May God rise up churches that will answer the call to speak out for godly principles in this society so hungry for His love. If you or your church would like more information on how you can become involved in making a difference for godliness in our nation, please contact the office of The Christian Coalition of Georgia at (770) 830-8577.

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