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Our position on gambling:

Gambling has been demonstrated to be destructive to individual lives, families, businesses and society as a whole. Gambling preys upon our youth, the elderly, minorities and those with less education. Millions of Americans are problem or pathological gamblers, producing huge financial and social costs. Whether a lottery, video gambling or any other form of gambling, the Christian Coalition of Georgia is unwilling to risk the life of one individual or the destruction of one family.

Resources about the harms of gambling

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Casino Gambling and Crime
Casino Gambling's Effect on Local Businesses
What Gambling Cost Missourians
Gambling's Impact on Families
Hooked on Gambling

More Information

The following links may help educate you further on our position regarding gambling:

The Fever: Gambling and Suicide by Chad Hills
Gambling: The Moral Antithesis of Charity by Phillip Johnson