The Georgia Christian Coalition

Serving Christ and The Citizens of Georgia

Get Involved

Yes!   You can make a difference!


Today, Christians are playing an active role in government again by uniting to stand up for families and people of faith. Hundreds of pro-family political leaders have been elected to local, state and federal office. Pro-family activism is changing policy and influencing decisions from school boards all the way to the US Congress. You can help by joining with us.

Add your voice to the thousands across Georgia who have said it's time for people of faith to speak up and become involved. With your help, innocent human lives will no longer go unprotected by our laws, more public schools will at least meet minimum standards, and fewer of our young people will be snared by drugs, violence and sexual promiscuity.

Your becoming involved means that Christian Coalition of Georgia can distribute more information, train more activists and sway more critical votes in the Georgia House and Senate, as well as local elections around the state. By joining with us, you won't just sway one vote -- you will impact America forever.

With the approval of your pastor and assistance from The Christian Coalition of Georgia you can initiate the following activities for making a difference in your local community and your national government:

  1. Conduct regular voter registration drives to achieve registration of all eligible voters in your church.
  2. Disseminate legislative updates and issue alerts throughout the year
  3. Form and oversee a Citizenship Ministry to involve and activate fellow church members
  4. Distribute non-partisan voter guides, legislative scorecards and special inserts through the church bulletin. As a church liaisonyou will have the satisfaction in knowing you are fulfilling a task of great importance by keeping fellow Christians aware of the latest pro-family issues where they, in turn, may express their views to their elected officials. Why not become a vital link for making a difference today? If you would like to talk with someone about you or your church's involvement please call 706 366-8298. Visit ourChurch Liaison's Page for even more information on Church involvement.