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Our position on traditional marriage:

We believe that the two-parent family is the basic foundation of society. Marriage can only be valid between a man and a woman and should be a lifelong commitment. Sexual relations should be reserved for the marriage relationship and it is only in this relationship that sexual activity finds its intended purpose.

What are the benefits of a two-parent family? (Mother & Father)

From the earliest recorded history in the Bible, we have the example of God’s plan for the family, the union of a man and woman in a committed, lifelong relationship. Modern day research has found that this relationship provides the best environment to raise healthy children (Why Marriage Matters for Children). Marriage also has positive benefits for adults. Recent research has shown "The evidence from four decades of research is surprisingly clear: a good marriage is both men’s and women’s best bet for living a long and healthy life."

More Information

The following links may help educate you further on our position regarding marriage:

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Marriage on Trial: Why we must Privilege and Burden the Traditional Marriage Bond by Allan C Carson, Ph.D