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Our position on easing taxes:

We believe that taxes are a necessity of running government. Reason and scripture agree on this. This does not mean that government has the right to impose burdensome taxes on the citizenry. We support low taxes, good stewardship of public finances, small and limited government and a tax system that does not burden the families of Florida and our nation.

What about the role of government?
We believe that our founders designed our form of government as a republic due to their belief that this form of government provides the greatest individual freedoms and the surest check on governmental power. We support limited government, a strong separation of powers and strict constructionist judges.

What does the Bible say about taxes?
The Bible is clear that Christians have an obligation to pay taxes. Jesus demonstrated the principle (Matthew 22) and the Apostle Paul reaffirmed the same (Romans 13). There is no scriptural mandate that Christians should simply yield to any level of taxation or that we should not protest when tax dollars are used to fund un-godly purposes (example - public funding of abortions, obscene art, etc.).

More Information

The following links may help educate you further on our position regarding taxes:

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